The Next Generation

Of Electrified Hardware

Designed For Easy Retrofit

The Advanced Hardware Technologies MEL-1 is the next generation of security access hardware. With its revolutionary easy to install design, integrated RX switch, and smart communication features, this device can easily field retrofit all Advanced Hardware Technologies standard panic hardware for electrification. In addition, because this device simply slides into the inactive end of existing panic hardware, this device can easily replace existing electrification with no need to replace the device.

Powered By Smart Features

The new smart NP-1 power supply brings security access into the 21st century. This power supply is designed to work seamlessly with the Advanced Hardware Technologies MEL-1 electrification device and comes standard with a battery backup good for over 400 cycles. The NP-1 power supply and MEL-1 device communicate status back and forth to each other constantly and any issues are communicated to the user with status LEDs on the NP-1 power supply which makes troubleshooting the device a breeze.

So Easy, Anyone Can Install It

Check out our easy to follow videos and get your access system up and running ASAP!